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About Us

The Global Kidney Academy's mission is to disseminate knowledge in Nephrology worldwide with emphasis on the prevention, detection and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and its complications. The GKA endorses and supports the mission and objectives of the International Nephrology Education Foundation (iNEF).

The Global Kidney Academy (GKA) is an educational foundation dedicated to the provision of education in the field of Nephrology. It provides a range of educational resources for Nephrologists worldwide. Emphasis is on training and education of young and aspiring Nephrologists in the emerging world.

The Global Kidney Academy (GKA) provides a range of educational events including residential workshops.

The Global Kidney Academy (GKA) can also provide educational activities for primary care physicians in developing countries.

The Global Kidney Academy (GKA) also provides educational events in all fields of nephrology including chronic kidney disease (CKD), acute kidney injury, dialysis and transplantation.

Master Classes are also conducted on topics such as:

  • An introduction to renal histopathology
  • An introduction to urine analysis
  • An introduction to research methodologies and statistical analysis
  • An introduction to epidemiology and population studies


The Global Kidney Academy's CKD education program is headed by Professor Meguid El Nahas, PhD, FRCP who is a world expert in the field.  It aims to provide Nephrologists with in depth knowledge of all key aspects of CKD. The CKD Master Class also includes case  and interactive  group discussion.

Each workshop provides its own series of educational activities as well as evaluation process. The GKA issues certificates of training and education to delegates who complete the Master Classes.

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